As the global population rises steadily, about 7.7 billion people are looking at agriculture to provide enough staples to keep themselves fed. At the same time, the demand for value foods — rich in nutrition, in line with a health-conscious lifestyle, grown in an organic manner — is also on the rise. Producing enough food — in volume and value — for the growing population and meeting its aspirations while also addressing impending environmental concerns remains a vital challenge.

Technological innovations and steady adoption of sustainable farming techniques holds the key. Sustainable farming ought to be profitable today and tenable tomorrow. Age old farming methods and traditions have to make way to modern agronomy, with demonstrable enhancement in farm yields and farmer profitability.

In our operating geographies and through our range of products and solutions, we are helping nourish farms for sustained, enhanced productivity. From fertilisers to speciality nutrients to crop protection, from advisory to products to agri services, from organic to scientific, from farms in India to those in highly developed markets, from innovation labs and demo fields to the market place, we are steadily strengthening our suite of integrated crop management offerings.

The year gone by has further expanded our conviction and commitment towards sustainable farming. Because, It is only by nourishing the farm ecosystem – soil, water, atmosphere, biodiversity and the farmer – that we can nurture the world. Today and tomorrow.

With all our might – man, machine and mind, at Coromandel,
we are nurturing today’s farms and designing the future.

What is inside

Farm health


In Quest
for the Best

The Key is

Balancing Farm Health

Integrated Crop Management

Over the years, agricultural development has significantly improved the crop productivity of the Indian farms. However, high input and intensive farming systems have put stress on the health of the natural resources.

As a leading Agri solutions provider, we, at Coromandel, are combining local knowledge with new research and technologies to deliver Integrated Crop Management (ICM) solutions to improve farming practices. ICM is a holistic approach towards sustainable farming, offering long-term solutions in agriculture.

Our diversified portfolio of products and services ensures our presence across the entire value chain of agricultural activities – from ‘Seed to Harvest’ cycle. Our retail stores and agronomists ensure the last mile advisory and delivery of superior crop management solutions. We have scientifically developed package of practices for the crops, which are supporting the farming community in improving the crop productivity
and soil health.

A Fine Balancing Act

Through our Products and Services

Our Nutrient Manager tool provides nutrient recommendations, based on target yield approach and crop and soil needs. The customers are able to compare the crop returns between traditional and recommended practices by optimising their agricultural practices.

Responsible Farming

Upping our Organic Quotient

Reducing the adverse environmental impact while meeting the steadily growing demand for food and fabric is paving the way for biologicals to play a larger role. Being target specific, biologicals are derived from natural sources like plants, microbes and minerals.

Spearheading this shift from the forefront, we, at Coromandel, are fast evolving our product-mix in order to support sustainable farming. Having ventured into bio-pesticide segment in 2018, we have become the largest marketers of neem-seed-extract-based bio products. As a dominant Indian player, we are commanding more than 50% market share in Azadirachtin (a key botanical extract from neem seeds) today.

Waste to wealth

Nearly 70 percent of the Indian arable soil is organic carbon deficient. With an aim to balance nutritional value of soil, we forayed into organic manure segment in 2006. Since then, we have introduced multiple variants of organic manure. These products are being manufactured using city waste (organic portion only), sugarcane molasses and its by-products, oil cakes and gypsum.

Our initiative is also supporting urban cleanliness, while reducing the stress on landfill sites. In the year gone by, we have converted nearly 27,000 tons of urban waste to compost, effectively partnering in Government’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ drive.


tons of city waste to compost
market share of Azadirachtin

In Quest for the Best

Our Culture of Innovation

Twin agricultural challenges of lowering environmental stress and steadily increasing farm yields simultaneously needs a lot of human ingenuity and technological advancements. Given the complexity of the challenge, widespread collaboration among agricultural input companies, academia and farmers can accelerate the speed of discoveries and their subsequent commercial roll-outs.

At Coromandel, we are intensifying our efforts towards scientific discoveries and collaboration, new product development and strengthening of our product offerings. Our dedicated Research & Development (R&D) centres for Nutrients, Crop Protection and Bio Business segments have been playing a significant role in developing new products, as well as enhancing manufacturing efficiency and operating flexibility of our plants.

We introduced ten new products, including two in-house patented combination products during the year. In order to push our innovation agenda, we have strengthened our infrastructure as well as talent pool across R&D and Product Development functions.

Treating cross-stakeholder collaboration as a force multiplier, we collaborate with farmers, institutions, technology partners and academia with an aim to solve agricultural challenges in a holistic and sustainable manner.

An addition during the year was setting up of ‘The Coromandel Lab’ in partnership with IIT Bombay Monash Research Academy.

new Products introduced

The Key is Technology

Our Farm Mechanisation Solutions

We believe that the technology has the power to magnify efficiency and ease the lives of people. This allows us to invest in tomorrow’s technologies today and address the complex farming issues.

At Coromandel, we are spearheading the mechanisation mission by forming alliances with global technological leaders and addressing customisation and accessibility challenges.

Our joint venture with Yanmar and Mitsui has enabled us to introduce technologically superior mechanisation solutions. Making the machines available on affordable rentals, our Custom Hiring and Service Centres have been acting as farm machinery bank. During the year, we introduced combined harvesters, which have received positive feedback from the farming community

We forayed into precision agriculture space by carrying out pilot trials using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Based on the data captured through UAVs, we were able to carry out crop diagnostics measuring the stressed regions and offered crop advisory and spraying services to the farmers. The technological interventions helped in improving the crop yields by 18-23%, thereby bringing prosperity in farmer’s life.

Improving the crop yields